How to easily change decimals into percentages in Google Sheets (4 Simple, Foolproof Steps)

Have decimals but need to change them into percentages? Here we will teach you how to do so quickly in the click of a button

Table of Contents:

  • 1.Introduction
  • 2.Step by Step
  • 3. Conclusions
  • 4. More Resources


Hello! Welcome to another article. Today we will be showing you a simple trick, on how to change decimals into percentages with a few easy steps. 

It has happened so many times to me that I have results displayed as decimals, when I want them to be percentages. This often happens when you divide numbers. Rather than changing each value manually, you can do it with what we teach you in this article.

Step by step:

Here are the few simple steps to turn your decimals into percentages.

Step 1: Highlight the values you want reformatted
Decimals before being changed into percentages
Step 2: Go to the task bar, and find the percentage sign (highlighted in red in our image)
Shows where the percent icon is
Step 3: Click on the percentage sign, which says “Format as percent”
Shows where to click so you can format as a percent
Step 4: Check to see that all your decimals have been converted correctly.
Shows the final product of percentages formed from decimals

As you now can see, all your values have been converted to percentages. So 0.5 becomes 50%, .25 becomes 25%, 1.5 becomes 150%, and so on. With this trick, you are able to convert an infinite number of cells with the click of a couple buttons, rather than go through each one manually one by one.

Useful Tip: You can increase or decrease the number of decimal points in your value, by clicking the buttons highlighted in the image below. The one on the left decreases the # of decimal points, while the one on the right increases

Shows the icons to click where you can either increase or decrease the number of decimal points


Thank you for reading our article, we hope you learned a lot. If you wish to learn more about general formatting, we have linked a couple good resources for you to go to. 

We again hope this article was helpful for you. As always, happy spreadsheeting! 🙂

More Resources:

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