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Please reach out to us, we love hearing from our readers! We strive to make the highest quality tourtrials with helpful information for all of our users. If you ever spot an error, even if it is a minor spelling/capitalization, please let us know. If you have a cool idea for a post/video let us know and we’ll look into it. Even if you just want to say hi, or show us some of your cool spreadsheet projects, feel free to reach out.

Community Templates

Our goal is to provide a large library of Google Sheets Templates in order to help our visitors build spreadsheets even faster. If you’ve created a spreadsheet template that you think would be beneficial to our community, please send it our way! 

Guest Posting

Yes, you. We love when our fans contribute to our community. Guest posting is a great way to gain exposure and show your expertise in an area. We’ll even link back to your social media or website so visitors know where to find you. Send us a draft, a pitch or a short summary, and we’ll give you feedback. If, but most likely when you are accepted, we’ll publish your content on our site, and feel free to share it with your followers. Please note, that any guest posting content must be exclusive to our website, but in the rare even that we don’t accept your post you are more than welcome to use it on your site or guest post for someone else. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. And remember – you can write about anything related to spreadsheets, it could be a cool project, or a walkthrough of how you or your business use spreadsheets to simplify your life.

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SheetPointers was created by friends Andrew Lenart and Nikhil Radosevich