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How to embed hyperlinks into your spreadsheets (in 6 easy steps)

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Today we will be teaching you a more unique type of formula, one which can be very useful in certain situations. We will teach you specifically, how to create a hyperlink within a spreadsheet. This way, you can create links (with whatever label you want), that once you click on them, will bring you to a completely different website. 

This skill may not be useful in basic spreadsheets, but there are certain scenarios when this could be useful. For example, you may be making a spreadsheet for your company, and would like to bring you to someone else’s website. You could do that by using the hyperlink formula.

If you are still a beginner, however, we recommend learning these 10 formulas first, before moving onto hyperlinks.

The Hyperlink Formula

Here is how the formula looks:


How this formula works is quite simple. The URL is just the link of the website, and the link label is how you want the link labeled. Often times, I am sure you do not want a long ugly link to be in your way. That is why you can use a link label instead.

How to use it

Let’s say we have this spreadsheet, where we want to make a link for a “very cool website.”

The template of where we will embed the hyperlink

How would we go about this? Let me show you:

Step 1: Get a link from a “very cool website.” We of course chose the coolest website we know, “”

Step 2: Start the Hyperlink formula

The start of the hyperlink formula, step 1 "=HYPERLINK("

Step 3: Enter your link, remembering to surround it with quotation marks

We entered in the website we wanted into the formula

Step 4: Enter your link label, again remembering to use quotation marks

We entered in how we want our hyperlink to be labeled

Step 5: Click enter, finishing out the formula

The final product of our hyperlink

Step 6: Click on your link, making sure it takes you to a very cool website

A photo of where the link brought us to

As you can see, not only did it take you to a cool website…it took you to the coolest website that ever existed. (Thank you thank you)


We hoped you enjoyed today’s lesson, with our slightly comedic tone. In the end, adding hyperlinks is extremely easy, but can impress your bosses or coworkers. Maybe you need to have an easy to access link for more information, or need to link a registration form. Whatever it is, the hyperlink formula has you covered. Lastly, as always, happy spreadsheeting! 🙂

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